Bewl Water – 13 Mile Sponsored Walk

On 21st May 2022 I walked the Bewl Water 13 mile circular with 18 church members and several dogs.  We had loads of fun. Talking to each other and games kept us busy along the way.  It was a hard walk as the weather was warm but we all managed to complete the walk and raised funds for my jamboree journey and Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees. At the last count there was over £1455 of donations to them and £250 donations to my WSJ journey. 

It is lovely to know that I helped another charity whilst also working towards my goal.  It goes to show that charities do not need to compete with each other and working together gets results.  It also shows that there is more than enough to go around if we were all just a little kinder with our time, love and resources.  I have been surprised by how generous people can be to strangers.  Nobody knows that more than Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees.  So thank you to everyone at the church, those that walked, donated, and spent time finding out more about the lovely charity organisations we are lucky to have so close to us.